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Scavenger Hunt

This morning
o Find the coffee cabinet (no asking)

No picture…

o Find a certain mug and have your morning coffee in it (Dad (or someone) should have the directions if my magic works properly today.

This is the mug your mom handed me.

This evening
o Take a picture of the sunset from the front porch (Isn’t the way the mountains frame it something special?)

Sadly, my dear, it was raining both evenings I was there.

o Take a picture of you with the Infinity Wars poster (extra points if someone you just met today is in it too)

There it is! Right there!
(This was before we took the group photo outside…)

o Andrew’s birthday cake

Birthday… pie…? Close enough.

Sometime today
o My favorite snack growing up was a handful of chocolate chips. Sometimes with a peanut butter spoon. Find the chocolate chips in the kitchen. (No asking.)

Fun fact. When we ran out of normal snacks at home, a handful of these would be my go-to snack substitue.

o Find my baby picture.
o Find my baby photo album (Again, no asking).

I found some, but didn’t take a picture…

o There’s a book called “Tell Me the Story” that was super special to me in childhood. Find it and see if they mind if you take it and read it (if you have room). I’d love for it to end up with me at some point 😉 At the very least, bring it to our chat today so that I can tell you which stories to read. (You can ask about this one.)

Your mom and I looked, just as I was leaving.  We couldn’t find it…

o Find the shapes ball and/or my first “camera” (ok to ask)

Also did not find it…  I really wanted to take a picture of me with the shapes ball, too.  I had a whole comic of me failing to put the shapes in the right places staged out in my head.  😉

o Find the Sunday plates (Remember that no one remembers where they are because I helped my mom rearrange the kitchen years ago… =D)

I looked but forgot to take a picture!

o Find “Blackberry Trail” (ask about this one)

Didn’t get around to asking about this one.

o Find a flag from a country that is not the US

Jamaica. This was up in your brothers’ old room.

o Find a homeschool history book (only ask for help if absolutely necessary)

Does this count?

o Find the portrait of my great-grandmother

I looked around… but did not ask to clarify which was your great-grandmother.  Was it in the living room on the window sill?

o Find my dragon eyrie

Here be dragons!  Also, ‘eyrie” is a fantastic word!

o A gift hidden for you. “I’m inside a world that is not of my making. Find the world, crack it open, and you find me. How will you know this world? It is a middle world, but novel. It is full of both memory and promise. It’s not a secret but still something special between me and you. The cover of the world is plain and geometric, but within spin galaxies of imagination. Can you find me?”

I thought it was Lord of the Rings at first, because the clue “middle” made me think “Middle Earth.”
Then I realized it probably meant the second novel in a trilogy! Clever girl! =)

Send me a pic of:
o One of my favorite views is the one from the bottom of the driveway after you turn the corner and you look up to see the tree-covered, hilly road.

o/` My old Kentucky home o/`

o My Precious Moments birthday train

Didn’t find this…

o You with the puppies

Apache and Seminole were frantic. I couldn’t get them to sit still for a selfie with me.
But I did manage to get one with Natasha!

o My purple shamrock plant

Purple shamrock. Clever! Shamrocks are typically green (your favorite) and this one is purple (your second favorite)!

o Video/audio clip: you playing “my” guitar

Micah and I played for maybe 60 seconds…

o Something red (for you)

I picked this because 1) it’s red, and 2) represents something shared in our history together.

o Something green (for me)

At first, I was going to take a picture of the cabinets in your kitchen. But then I saw this, and thought it was -so- you! It’s green, it’s mossy (which gives it a fantasy-like appeal), it’s outdoors, and the stairs and stone wall make it look like a castle. I hope you like it. =)

o Something yellow (for us)

We were running late for Andrew’s party, so we were dashing back to the parking spot. I saw this and immediately thought this was the picture to take for yellow. =) I’m looking forward to the day we can go hiking together again, my dearest.
But then! I saw this.
And this. So… I took three for yellow. =)

o Something blooming (outside)

In addition to the blooming trees, this one has the added benefit of having a juniper bush in it. We had a bunch of these in our yard in Maryland. The smell of juniper sends me back there instantly.

o You and a brother (extra points for more than one)

A group of friends from India took this for us after we took theirs.

o The book you most wish you had time to read while you were there

Reading about Bonhoeffer and Maria’s correspondance in Metaxas’ book was interesting. It was hopeful, yet unwise; loving, yet tragic. They were so, fundamentally, -human-. I’ve also discovered that I like historical letter correspondence. They are a window into the souls and minds of people in history. =)

o Something unexpected (like it surprised you when you saw it)

I never saw this movie, but I loved this book. I found it in your brothers’ old room.

o Something I won’t expect

I’m the one on the left…
Micah said he found the “Missing Link” XD

Video – Jumping in to Eagle Falls

o The Welcome Plate

Your dad put a message on one but I forgot to take a picture!

o Something that makes you smile

This makes me smile so, so much. =))))

o A book on my shelf that makes the study of stories more scientific (which is something I think you’d appreciate)

I forgot to snap a photo here T_T



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